Flexible Volunteering

Flexible volunteering is a style of volunteering that is friendly and approachable. 

In our opinion, everyone should get involved in volunteering, but each one should be able to do it according to their own capabilities. We also believe that finding opportunities for volunteering should be easy and that whatever it is each volunteer has to offer should be accepted. 

Moreover, we believe that those with busy schedules who can’t commit much time on the side should be given the opportunity to contribute to their community. It’s important to encourage those who have never volunteered before or those who started a long time ago to pick it up again. 

Some types of volunteering are challenging and require a certain skill set, but there’s a vast array of volunteering opportunities that need only a little compassion and goodwill. 

The style of flexible volunteering that has developed over time by HandsOn Network has been adopted around the world. It first arrived in Italy in 2010 with MilanoAltruista, the first city in the “Altruista” network , which helped volunteering organizations to  more flexible rethink their expectations and (bend them) to make finding volunteering opportunities on their websites more accessible. Flexible volunteering is based on the idea that volunteering should be for everyone (with no one left behind).