Our mission

About us

We are the most altruistic organisation in Italy.

We are set up as an organisation promoting social awareness (registered at Registro Provinciale delle Associazioni senza scopo di lucro section F-APS of Milano, at n. MI-455, fiscal code 97631050156 section A) encouraging and supporting volunteering values, especially flexible volunteering.

Help us grow the most altruistic Italian network, starting your altruistic city o volunteering in one of our altruistic cities. We are here.

Our mission

Let’s spread altruism everywhere.

ItaliaAltruista want to bring altruistic values across Italy.

We like cities where people in need are not avoided because helping others is easy, but sometimes people in need can’t find someone who wants to help out and vice versa.

To reach this goal, we support the foundation of onlus (i.e. such as the ones founded in Milan, Roma, Trieste, Bologna, ecc.) helping two kinds of persons: who wants to give a hand (or a smile) and who needs help. We call these organisations Altruistic Cities and they represent our idea of a city.  We want to improve the situation in Italy, from one city to the next.

What does ‘Altruism’ mean?

Being altruistic is a responsible way of living inside a community. Behaving altruistically is easy, you just need to use some of your spare time to help out who needs it the most. You don’t need to be a hero, nor have superpower (but volunteering many people develop those!).  You just need a bit of courage, goodwill and humanity. 

Many people believe that volunteering is difficult, but we believe that being altruistic is the most natural attitude. Others believe that they don’t know how to volunteer or that they are not good enough to do it. We believe that people are ready to help out and they just need a bit of support. To be altruistic you just need to not avoid people in need.