What you can do


Volunteering makes it clear that we all need one another. There are many different kinds of volunteering, and all of them are useful. Even the easiest volunteering activity, to get started or to pick up where you left off, is valuable. It helps those in need in a direct way (with your actions) but also in the indirect way because it gets the volunteers closer to the world around them. After volunteering, even for a short time, it’s guaranteed that your view on the world will change and you’ll start to behave differently. You’ll become a part of a (what we hope is a constantly growing) network of supportive individuals who have come to understand how we’re all truly connected. If you want to give it a go, visit the website of the “Altruista” network city websites and find your volunteering opportunity. If you want to volunteer with us, just come as you are. 

Sponsor a CittàAltruista

Each city in Italy has a big heart, help it beat a little faster. Companies and individuals both can sponsor a city in the “CittàAltruista” network. Sponsorship can take many forms, either with a donation (products that can help with activities) or funds. ItaliaAltruista give visibility to sponsors on our channels and we offer the possibility to create company volunteering programme organised by ItaliaAltruista and our local partners. For further information, please write us at: info@italiaaltruista.org

Get an Altruistic City

Set up your own Altruistic City: a non-profit organization that gives the generosity in your city the chance to take flight. 

What does it mean, in practice? It means forming an organization that does at least three things:

  • Gives those willing to try out volunteering (both individuals and organizations) the chance to find the right activity in the fastest and most flexible way possible
  • Helps the Voluntary sector find more volunteers
  • Creates a dialogue between those willing and able to offer their time and resources with those in need for social purposes

For the Citizens

Bring altruism to your city

If you’re a citizen, there are many things you can do to give generosity its wings, some of which are:

  • Get together a group of people to help you kickstart yourAltruistic City
  • Find a sponsor for your Altruistic City
  • Spread the word about ItaliaAltruista

If you’re someone who wants to make their city more altruistic, get in touch at info@italiaaltruista.org.