Which are the Altruistic Cities


MilanoAltruista are set up as a volunteering organisation, hence a a non-profit organisation, registered at Runts (Unique National Register for the Third Sector). Founded by a group of friends in 2010, MilanoAltruista put in contact people who want to do something good with those who needs them nearby Milan.

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RomAltruista is a non-profit organisation created in 2011 to make volunteering in Rome easy and flexible. “Indeed, at RomAltruista we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to dedicate themselves to a cause in which they believe in, regardless of their little free time or hectic life rhythm”

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Since 2011 the mission of TriesteAltruista has been to promote volunteering and spread altruism and solidarity. “Together we can achieve a Trieste where solidarity, cohesion and “altruism” become the daily lifestyle.”

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The mission of BolognAltruista since 2013 has been the promotion of volunteering and the spread of altruism and solidarity values. “We propose to introduce a growing number of citizens, depending on their own opportunities and availability, in initiatives which help to solve the cities needs.”

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